Joe McGowan Jr.
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Joe McGowan, Jr. is a native of Wyoming and a lifetime newsman. At age four he was declared the youngest typesetter in the United States. He was sports editor of a small daily newspaper at age 13 and sports editor of a larger daily while attending the University of Wyoming. He spent 42 years with The Associated Press news service and during much of the 1960s he was a foreign and war correspondent. He spent a full day in Havana with Fidel Castro right after the Cuban Missile Crisis. He wrote the first worldwide stories about Mother Teresa from Calcutta. He reported the 1965 India-Pakistan war, Latin American revolutions, and traveled with President John F. Kennedy. He was living in Lima, Peru, when an earthquake hit, killing more than 60,000 people. He reported that figure and the Peruvian military dictatorship denied it for 24 hours. Realizing he had an inside source, the government ordered him arrested and expelled. McGowan returned to the United States and was bureau chief for AP in Indianapolis, Boston and Denver, where he retired at the end of 1997. Living a quiet life in Broomfield, Colorado, he takes flying lessons when the weather permits and takes Blanca, his therapy dog, to visit hospital patients.


Newsradio 850 KOA -  January 1, 2014

Colorado's Morning News, Newsradio 850 KOA; Joe McGowan was interviewed by Steffan Tubbs about Joe's new book, From Fidel Castro To Mother Teresa. (8 min audio)  

Denver 8TV -  November 9, 2012  12:00pm

The Denver Press Club Book Beat meeting featured an interview with Joe McGowan about his newest book, From Fidel Castro To Mother Teresa.   (48 min video)

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